Executive summary

The main thrust of this report is to convince not only governmental decision-makers, but also industrial managers, IT professionals, investment bankers, and others in Vietnam that more coordination is needed to effectively and creatively diffuse modern information technology.

Through public and private means, or by their combination, it is recommended that a 'pro-active approach' to the advancement, diffusion and application of information and communications technologies is developed -- based on both the existing government programs for electronics and information technology and revisions of these programs.

No single ministry or government agency in Vietnam can accomplish the national objectives by itself, nor attain the current objectives for the country's information and communications techno- logies. A range of firms and institutions plus specialists and other professionals (also in the private sector), will have to become involved. That is why this report expands on a wider policy-framework for information and communications technologies in Vietnam. And that is why the orchestration of the many policies will be emphasized in the report.

This report also contains the main findings of a brief sectoral overview of electronics and information technology-based industries in today's Vietnam. It highlights recent trends in the development of these industries. The report also looks at information technology applications in several other sectors of society. Using a case study method a number of institutions and firms have been visited to assess current strengths and weaknesses in their performance, and to identify corporate strategies, manpower issues, etc. while shedding light on the government policies for this fast-moving technology.

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