ANSON BINH obtained a B.Eng (Chem.Eng) in Saigon, Viet Nam; M.Eng (Envi.Eng) in Bangkok, Thailand; and Ph.D. (Envi.Sci.) in Perth, Western Australia. Currently, Dr. Anson is a Senior Engineer at Water Catchment Management, the Water Authority of Western Australia. He is also a Visiting Lecturer in Surface Water Hydrology at Murdoch University, Perth. Dr. Anson is a VACETS Board member since 1994, and the coordinator of Vacets-Dict forum - a forum with over 100 Viet participants from 15 countries to discuss and establish an electronic dictionary of English-Vietnamese technical terms". During the term 1994-1995 he was the Vice-Chairman of VACETS in charge of the International Affairs committee. He serves as a VACETS Board member since 1994.

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