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Sat, 25 Feb 1995

Computer Ta.i Vietnam

By Le Phung Long <[email protected]>

Cha`o ca'c ba.n,

Ghi chu': Theo lo+`i ye^u ca^`u cu?a ca'c ba^.c dda`n anh, to^i xin ddu+o+.c cung ca^'p va`i y' kie^'n ve^` Computer ta.i Vietnam.. Tru+o+'c he^'t xin no'i ngay la` to^i lu+o+~ng lu+. la('m. Co' ca'c ly' do : Ro+`i kho?i nha` ddi ho.c 20 tha'ng, tho^ng tin nha^.n ddu+o+.c chi? la` nhu+~ng lu'c ve^` tha(m nha` va` qua trao ddo^?i ba.n be`. Kho^ng quen bie^'t, kho^ng tie^'p ca^.n ddu+o+.c vo+'i nhu+~ng nguo^`n tin dda'ng tin ca^.y tu+` ca'c vi. la~nh dda.o nga`nh Computer ta.i Saigon, va? la.i ba?n tha^n to^i cu~ng dda^u co' la`m cho nha` nu+o+'c :-((( . Nhu+~ng gi` tri`nh ba`y trong article na`y chi? la` nha^.n ddi.nh ca' nha^n va` co' le~ ra^'t la` out of date ro^`i . To^i chi? co' the^? tri`nh ba`y ddu+o+.c ve^` PC market o+? Saigon, nha^.n ddi.nh kho^ng pha?i cu?a mo^.t ngu+o+`i trong cuo^.c, chi? qua tro` chuye^.n ba.n be`, va^.y ca'c ba.n chi.u kho' ddo.c ne^'u tha^'y co' gi` sai so't xin bo? qua cho.


I. PC Market

Saigon, trong chuye^'n ve^` tha(m nha` di.p Te^'t vu+`a qua, co' mo^.t su+. pha't trie^?n dda'ng kinh nga.c ve^` so^' ca'c PC shops . Xin no'i ngay la` ca'c shops chi? thuo^.c loa.i co+? nho? , chu+ng mo^.t hai ca'i ba`n tre^n dda(.t ddie^.n thoa.i, va`i ca'i PCs, ke^' ddo' la` tu? kie^'ng tru+ng ca'c vo? ho^.p cu?a ca'c Popular Softwares, di~ nhie^n be^n ca.nh ddo' la` Diskettes dde^? ba'n, chu? ye^'u la` cu?a Maxell, Sony . Co`n AIR-CON thi` tie^.m co' tie^.m kho^ng.

Ca'c con ddu+o+`ng Bu`i Thi. Xua^n, Ho^`ng Tha^.p Tu+ ( i.e., Xo^ Vie^'t Nghe^. Ti~nh + Nguye^~ thi. Minh KhaI ), Tra^`n Quo^'c Toa?n ( i.e., 3/2) , Nguye^~n DDi`nh Chie^?u, va`i con ddu+o+`ng lo+'n o+? Cho+. Lo+'n la` nhu+~ng no+i ta^.p trung PC shops nhie^`u. DDa'ng dde^? y' la` con ddu+o+`ng Bu`i Thi. Xua^n. To^i nho+' ho^`i 1992-1993 ngoa`i va(n pho`ng cua? Co^ng ty SCITEC ( coi nhu+ la` mo^.t co^ng ty ha(?n hoi) chi? co' B&T shop, Computer Land. Va^.y ma` nay dde^'m tre^n du+o+'i chu.c cu+?a ha`ng, nhu+ng dde^`u thuo^.c loa.i nho? , ba'n le? nhu+~ng chie^'c PC vo+'i cha^'t ra^'t kha'c nhau. Tha^.m chi' co' no+i co`n dde^? ha(?n hoi co' ba'n tra? go'p, ma(.c du` cu+?a tie^.m tro^ng ra^'t ... lu.p xu.p ! . Thu+? ghe' va`o ho?i xem sao thi` ddu+o+.c mo^.t co^ ga'i tre? la.nh nha.t ba?o nga`y mai tro+? la.i dde^? bie^'t thu? tu.c mua (tra? go'p) . Co' le? ta.i bu+?a ddo' to^i ddi chie^'c xe dda.p ca` ta`ng qua', cha^n la.i mang de'p, a(n ma(.c thi` theo nhu+ ngu+o+`i ta no'i nhi`n thi` tha^'y chi? ddu? tie^`n uo^'ng cafe' xa'i o+? qua'n co'c la` he^'t mu+'c :-))) . Lie^'c va`o cu+?a hie^.u ddo', thi` tha^'y va`i ca'i ma'y ddu+o+.c ddem ra cho mu+o+'n theo gio+`. To^i bie^'t ngay la` mo^.t so^' PC cu~ 286 ( tha^.m chi' XT) ca^`n ddu+o+.c thanh toa'n.

So^' cu+?a ha`ng nhie^`u ta^'t nhie^n da^~n to+'i ca.nh tranh kho^'c lie^.t. Phu+o+ng pha'p co^? ddie^?n nha^'t va^~n ddu+o+.c a'p : Ha. gia' ma` va^~n tie^'p tu.c qua?ng ca'o : Ha`ng cha^'t Mo^.t 386DX40 ma` co' khi ba'n chi? co' ho+n 800 USD mo^.t chu't . Ba.n be` to^i no'i co' nhu+~ng cu+?a hie^.u chi? ca^`n lo+`i co' ... 20 USD tra^n mo^.t PC thi` ho. cu~ng ba'n luo^n. Nguye^n ta('c pha?i lo+`i i't ra 20% tre^n gia' trong kho bi. vi pha.m kinh khu?ng. Di? nhie^n ba'n lo+`i i't va^.y thi` dda^u co' the^? ba?o tri` to^'t ddu+o+.c . Do ddo' nhie^`u PC shops tha^.t, nhu+ng tha^.t su+. cha(?ng co' ma^'y no+i dda'ng tin ca^.y . Song song ddo', ca'c End-users cu+' nghe ra ra? tre^n ba'o la` co^ng nghe^. PC hie^.n nay dda~ tie^'n bo^. dde^'n mu+'c co' the^? ha. gia' ba'n le~ dde^'n mu+'c gia' tha`nh ha. ma` va^~n ba?o dda?m cha^'t , ddie^`u ddo' gieo a^'n trong dda^`u la` gia' PC re? la` do ba?n tha^n gia' tha`nh sa?N xua^'t dda~ xuo^'ng tha^'p. Tha^.t ra, cu~ng co' pha^`n ddu'ng, nhu+ng ta.i Saigon hie^.n nay muo^'n mo^.t PC ha. gia' ra^'t de^~, thay mo^.t IDE card bo+?i mo^.t loa.i kha'c re~ ho+n chu+`ng 5 USD, Video Card 1024KB thay ba(`ng 512K, Monitor 0.28 thay ba(`ng 0.31 , End-user cu+' tha^'y chu? hie^.u ha. gia' thi` nghi~ ra(`ng la` do ca,nh tranh vo+'i ca'c shops kha'c. Mo^.t anh ba.n to^i ddang ddie^`u ha`nh cu+?a hie^.u co^ng ty DDo^`ng Nam - mo^.t PC shop tu+o+ng ddo^'i co' uy ti'n - ke^? ra(`ng ke^? ra(`ng mo^.t end-User pha`n na`n vo+'i mo^.t PC shop manager la` ta.i sao monitor go.i la` SVGA ma` sao tro^ng kho^ng mi.n ma`ng nhu+ cu?A ngu+o+`i kha'c, anh ta ddu+o+.c chu? tie^.m tra? lo+`i tra('ng tro+.n la` muo^'n mi.n ho+n nu+~a thi` ... the^m 40 USD. Co' bie&'t dda^u minitor cu?A anh ta thuo^.c loa.i 0.39 , coi chu+ dda~ tuye^.t ti'ch tre^n thi. tru+o+`ng tu+` la^u ro^`i .

Ca'c end-user ta.i Saigon la.i co`n bi. mo^.t ddie^`u nu+~a la` do ddo.c ca'c ba`i ba'o ve^` kie^'n thu+'c thu+o+`ng thu+'c tre^n ca'c ba'o ne^n nghi~ ra(`ng mi`nh dda~ co' ddu? hie^?u bie^'t ve^` PC . Ho. kho^ng nho+` ca'c "Chuye^n gia" nhu+ tru+o+'c kia nu+~a. Thi` co' kho' gi` dda^u. Ca'c "chuye^n gia" ddo' ho. muo^'n mua PC thi` pha?i ddo`i cho ddu+o+.c Super VGA 1024, dia~ cu+'ng thi` cu+' cu?a Nha^.t , ro^`i ddem speedisk cu?A Norton cha.y thu+? dde^? coi co' ngon kho^ng , va^.y la` xong. Co' bie^'t dda^u dde^'n chuye^.n com SiMM RAM nhu+ the^' na`o , Main Board go^`m nhu+~ng con gi` , co' pha?i la` ca'i thu+' Upgraded ba^.y ba. do be^n Taiwan Hong-Kong ddo^? ddo^'ng qua.

Pha?i co^ng nha^.n ra(`ng nga`y nay dde^? mua mo^.t PC ve^` su+? cu~ng kho' tha^.t . Ngay ba?n tha^n to^i cu~ng dda~ tu+`ng la`m selling service cu~ng pha?i nho+` ba.n be` cho bie^'t thu+.c . Bo+?i thi. tru+o+`ng PC ta.i VN hie^.n nay chu+a ba~o ho`a . Ca'c co^ng ty nho? nho? o+? DDo^ng NaM A' cu+' ddem nhu+~ng thu+' low-quality qua cho VN xa`i, ma` da^n Dealer ta.i Saigon thi` tha^'y lo+.i tru+o+'c ma('t la` la`m, co' nghi~ dda^u dde^'n uy ti'n la^u da`i. Ca'c ba.n be` cu?a to^i cu~ng ddang ba'n PC - nhu+~ng ngu+o+`i co' uy ti'n - than ra(`ng hie^.n nay ba'n le? PC kho' ho+n tru+o+'c ra^'t nhie^`u do co' qua' nhie^`u shops va` tranh nhau thi. tru+o+`ng, kho^ng co' ddu+o+.c mo^.t Hie^.p Ho^.i dde^? ba?o ve^. quye^`n lo+.i cho ngu+o+`i tie^u thu. la^?n ngu+O=`i ba'n ngo~ ha^`u ba?o dda?m cha^'t PC lu+u ha`nh ta.i Saigon. Khi to^i cho bie^'t ngay ca? thi. tru+o+`ng Bangkok dda~ pha't trie^?n cu~ng va^.y , ba.n be` to^i cu~ng chi? tho+? da`i.

Tuy va^.y cu~ng kho^ng pha?i la` kho^ng co' ha`ng cha^'t cao ta.i Saigon. Ca'c ma'y COMPAQ ddang tha('ng the^', nha~n hie^.u WIN cu~ng ddu+o+.c dda'nh gia' cao. Ngu+o+`i tie^u thu. cvchuo^.ng nha~n hie^.u na`y.

Du` va^.y cu~ng xin ne^u mo^.t so^' shop tu+o+ng ddo^'i tin ddu+o+.c : Co^ng Ty DDo^`ng Nam tre^n ddu+o+`ng Vo~ thi Sa'u, CSS tre^n ddu+o+`ng Nguye^~n DDi`nh Chie^?u , ddo^'i ca^u la.c bo^. Phan Ddi`nh Phu`ng.

Co`n ve^` gia' ca? so vo+'i Bangkok hay o+? My~. To^i kho^ng gia' o+? USA, nhu+ng so vo+'i BKK thi` gia' Saigon mo^.t chi'n mo^.t mu+o+`i, kho^ng xe^ xi'ch bao nhie^u . Co' ddie^`u ba.n na`o muo^'n mua PC cho tha^n nha^n ta.i nha` thi` to^'t nha^'t cu+' go+?i tie^`n dde^? mua ta.i Saigon la` ddu+o+.c. . Co' ddie^`u ne^n bie^'t cho.n ddu'ng no+i. DDu+`ng ham re~ ma` mua ddo^` kho^ng to^'t .

Xin nha('c la.i trong article na`y to^i chi? ne^u nhu+~ng y' nghi~ RA^'T CA' NHA^N . Co`n tho^ng tin ve^` thi. tru+o+`ng PC tre^n bi`nh die^.n ... vi~ mo^ , co+? nhu+ ca'c so^' lie^.u ba'o ca'o tre^n ba'o chi' hay y' kie^'n nha^.n ddi.nh cu?A ca'c Gia'm DDo^'c co^ng ty thi` xin ddu+o+.c la^`n lu+o+.t dda(ng la.i sau.

To'm ta('t : 1) Ca^u "Tie^`n na`o cu?a ddo'" lu'c na`o cu~ng ddu'ng. 2) Thi. tru+o+`ng buo^n ba'n tie^u thu. PC ddang pha't trie^?n

Ngu+o+`i Vie^.t nu+o+'c ngoa`i co' the^? la`m a(n hay giu'p gi` ddu+o+.c ?

Ngu+o+`i Vie^.t nu+o+'c ngoa`i co' u+u ddie^?m ra^'t lo+'n la` ne^'u ddu'ng da^n trong nga`nh thi` ra^'t hie^?u bie^'t ve^` be^n trong PC, co' sa(~n mo^'i quan he^. vo+'i ca'c co^ng ty cung ca^'p PC ngoa.i quo^'c. Ne^'u tha^.t su+. muo^'n la`m a(n trong li~nh vu+.c PC Market, thi` chi? ca^`n nho+' mo^.t ddie^`u co^? ddie^?n : Muo^'n tru. o+? VN thi` ne^n nghi~ dde^'n la^u da`i. Co' the^? lu'c dda^`u kho^ng co' Profit nhu+ng da^`n da^`n co' uy ti'n tha^.t su+. thi` cha(?ng e nga.i gi`.

Ba.n co' the^? : - Theo cha^n mo^.t co^ng ty Ngoa.i Quo^'c va`o VN.

- Bo? ra mo^.t so^' vo^'n ban dda^`u dde^? set up mo^.t cu+?a ha`ng. Giao la.i cho ngu+o+`i tha^n dda'ng tin ca^.y. To^i bie^'t co' nhie^`u ba.n bo? tie^`n ra mua khoa?ng chu.c ca'i 386, 486 trang bi. ta.i nha` ngu+o+`i tha^n o+? Saigon, la`m mo^.t ca'i Computer Service, chuye^n cho muo+'n gio+` ma'y. La`m va^.y tuy kho^ng sinh lo+.i nhanh cho'ng nhu+ dda^`u tu+ thu+' kha'c, nhu+ng ba?o dda?m co^ng vie^.c cho ngu+o+`i tha^n o+? nha`, ddo^`ng tho+`i co' co+ so+? mo+? ro^.ng ne^'u muo^'n la`m business tha^.t .

Tuy nhie^n trong mo^.t tu+o+ng lai, thua^`n tu'y buo^n ba'n PC kho^ng ddi to+'i dda^u ne^'u vo^'n kho^ng lo+'n ngo~ ha^`u chie^'m li~nh thi. tru+o+`ng . Tha^.t ra la` pha?i ti'nh dde^'n cung ca^'p services hay thie^'t bi. ve^` Computer Networking, Printers , va` ... Software.

II. PC Software

Nhu+ dda~ co' di.p dde^` ca^.p to+'i trong hai articles tru+o+'c dda^y, hai mu+'c ddo^. cu?a chuye^.n Sotfware ta.i VN dda~ dde^` ca^.p. Mo^.t so^' chi tie^'t co' the^? la^.p la.i o+? dda^y .

Co^ng Ty:

Be^n ca.nh ca'c chu+o+ng tri`nh nghie^n cu+'u o+? hai Tru+o+`ng Ba'ch Khoa va` To^?ng Ho+.p , Ca'c co^ng ty la`m Software ta.i Saigon co' the^? ke^? la` : SCITEC, QUANTIC, SEATIC ( lu'c na`y nho'm la`m Software ta'ch ra tha`nh Co^ng Ty La.c Vie^.t). Hie^.n nay SCITEC ddang chu' ve^` sa?n pha^?m Multi-media nhu+ la` mo^.t tro+. giu'p cho ngu+o+`i kho^ng no'i tie^'ng Vie^.t ho.c vie^.t Ngu+~ . Co`n SEATIC va^~n tie^'p tu.c thu+o+ng ma.i ho'a ca'c sa?n pha^?m ddang co' nhu+ VietWAre, Dictionary ...

Nhu+ va^.y ngoa`i ca'c customed applications vie^'t ba(`ng ngo^n ngu+~ Foxpro cho ca'c co^ng vie^.c qua?n ly' rie^ng cho mo^.t co^ng ty, ca'c sa?n pha^?m software thu+o+ng ma.i thi` hoa`n toa`n nghe`o na`n. Xin nha('c la.i, cu~ng nhu+ mo.i ngu+o+`i ddu+o+.c ro~ lua^.t ba?n quye^`n o+? VN chu+a ban ha`nh dda^`y ddu? co' quy mo^ ddu? dde^? a'p hie^.u qua? . Co' to+'i ma^'y so^' ba'o dda(ng la.i lo+`i than phie^`n cu?a o^ng Ha` Tha^n gia'm ddo^'c co^ng ty SEATIC ve^` vie^.c ba?n quye^`n Dictionany software ( hay Vietware) gi` ddo' bi. vi pha.m ta.i Saigon

( Vie^.c pho^? bie^'n thu+? VietWare ta.i nu+o+'c ngoa`i co' le~ kho^ng na(`m trong su+. vi pha.m na`y , DDie^`u na`y to^i kho^ng ddu+o+.c ro~ la('m . O^ng Ha` Tha^n kho^ng no'i to+'i ddie^`u na`y, ba.n na`o ddang du`ng cu~ng chi? la` ... thu+? tho^i :-))) . I hope)

Co`n ve^` Software do ca'c nho'm Ngu+o+`i vie^.t ta.i nu+o+'c ngoa`i ? hie^.n nay tre^n ca'c PC dde^`u co' ca`i hoa(.c VietWAre, hoa(.c VNI for windows. Di~ nhie^n la` dda^u pha?i ngu+o+`i su+? bo? tie^`n mua . Tho^i nhu+ng ma` ... co' le~ ddie^`u na`y na(`m trong chie^'n lu+o+.c pha't trie^?n cu?a VNI :-))) . VNi dda~ ddu+o+.c xa`i la^u o+? VN ro^`i , tu+` ho^`i co`n ca'c version tre^n DOS. Ca`i thu+? xa`i tha^'y ddu+o+.c ma` ho?ng ai ddo`i tie^`n thi` cu+' ... xa`i :-)))

Di~ nhie^n be^n ca.nh ca'c VN software, ca'c common products cu?a Microsoft , borland , norton ... nhu+ C, Pascal, Windows , Ms Office, ... la` ddu+o+ng nhie^n co' ma(.t :-)))

No'i chung vie^.c su+? sotware hie^.n nay o+? Saigon kho6ng co' thay ddo^?i gi` la('m so vo+'i va`i na(m tru+o+'c. Cu+' ta sao mi`nh va^.y . O+? BKK ma` co' version mo+'i la` y nhu+ Saigon co' ngay. De^~ o+.t, cu+' le^n PanThip Plaza copy la` xong, 30 - 40 Baht /diskette ( Khoa?ng 1.1 - 1.5 USD /diskette ) ro^`i mang ve^` Saigon. :-)))

Trong ti`nh hi`nh ddo' ca'c co^ng ty ngoai quo^'c ve^` software dda~ dda^`u tu+ gi` ? Tha^.t ra ho. cu~ng chi? a'n binh bba^'t ddo^.ng, cho+` ddo+.i VN co' ddo^.i ngu~ Pofessional Programmers co' to^? chu+'c , sau ddo' ho. xem coi thi. tru+o+`ng tie^u thu. Software ta.i VN the^' na`o ro^`i mo+'i ddo^.ng dda^.y . Tre^n ba'o chi' ca'c Manager khu vu+.c Cha^u A' ai cu~ng no'i ddo^.i ngu~ programmmers VN hie^.n nay tu+o+ng ddo^'i kha', ra(`ng ngu+o+`i VN gio?i ve^` Tin ho.c , ra(`ng thi. tru+o+`ng VN ra^'t hu+'a he.n , ra(`ng trong tu+o+ng tu+o+ng lai VN se~ la` mo^.t no+i xua^'t kha^?u pha^`n me^`m v.v... Nhu+ng ddo' la` ... trong indefinite future, chu+' co`n hie^.n nay thi` ngoa.i tru+ ORACLE la^.p va(n pho`ng o+? Ha` No^.i , ky` du+ to^i kho^ng bie^'t co^ng ty na`o kha'c . Co' le? tho^ng tin chu+a dda^`y ddu?

DDo^.i Ngu~ Programmers

Ca'ch dda^y va`i tha'ng to^i co' post mo^.t article cho bie^'t ddo^.i ngu~ (professional) programmer hie^.n nay chu+a ddu+o+.c to^? chu+'c ddo^ng ddu? va` ddang bi. hao mo`n da^`n.

Ba^y gio+` ti`nh hi`nh cu~ng kho^ng gi` kha'c . Vi` sinh ke^', vi` su+. cu+.c nho.c cu? nghe^` nghie^.p, vi` mo^i tru+o+`ng chu+a thua^.n lo+.i, da^n prograamers cu~ng chu+a the^? la`m vie^.c la^u da`i trong nghe^` ddu+o+.c . Hie^.n nay nhu+~ng ngu+o+`i co+? tuo^?i ba mu+o+i ma` co`n la`m programmers la` ra^'t i't.

Tuy nhie^n qua ba'o chi', cu~ng tha^'y ca'c ma^`m non tu+o+ng lai ra^'t dda'ng ne^? . Na(`m trong chu+o+ng tri`nh pha't trie^?n tin ho.c quo^'c gia, ba'o chi' ta.i Saigon hie^.n nay dda(ng nhie^`u ba`i ba'o ve^` ca'c gu+o+ng ma(.t tre? trong la`ng Tin ho.c Saigon, ca^u chuye^.n ve^` nhu+~ng ba^.c dda`n anh , kie^'n thu+'c PC, cu~ng nhu+ Tin ho.c the^' gio+'i. Co' ha(?n nguye^.t san PCWORLD Vietnam vo+'i a^'n ba?n dde.p gia' re? khoa?ng 0.5 USD / copy, la.i ca'c article nu+o+'c ngoa`i la` chi'ng, nhu+ng be^n ca.nh ddo' co`n co' ca'c article do da^n Tin ho.c Saigon vie^'t . Ngay ca? ba'o Tuo^?i tre? cu~ng mo^~i tua^`n co' mo^.t trang Tin ho.c tre^n so^' ba'o thu+' Na(m.

Pha?i no'i qua ba'o chi', to^i dde^'m tha^'y ca'c "ma^`m non" kho^ng nhie^`u ( Muo^'n co' "ma^`m non", ca'c ba^.c phu. huynh pha?i mua PC ve^` cho con ca'i vo.c, nhu+ng dda^`u tie^n la` ... tie^`n dda^u :-(( ) , nhu+ng nho+` ca'c ta`i na(ng na`y ddu+o+.c nha('c ddi nha('c la.i nhie^`u la^`n rie^'t cu~ng co' ca?m gia'c VN co' nhie^`u gu+o+ng ma(.t dda'ng chu' y' tha^.t :-))) . A^u cu~ng la` mo^.t nghe^. thua^.t va` ddie^?m son cho ba'o chi' trong nu+o+'c . :-)))

Mo^.t va^'n dde^` quan lie^n quan dde^'n su+. pha't trie^?n tin ho.c ta.i VN la` :

III. Chu+o+ng Tri`nh Co^ng Nghe^. Tho^ng Tin DDe^'n Na(m 2000:

Tro` chuye^.n vo+'i o^ng Tra^`n Tha`nh Trai gia'm DDo^'c Vie^.n Co^ng nghe^. Tho^ng Tin, to^i tha^'y ro~ ra`ng dde^? dda.t ddu+o+.c mu.c ddi'ch 20,000 professional programmers dde^'n na(m 2000 la` mo^.t ddie^`u kho', ra^'t kho' thu+.c hie^.n . Thu+? nha^?m ti'nh ca? trong Nam la^~n ngoa`i Ba('c nhu+~ng no+i dda`o ta.o Tin ho.c chi'nh quy gio?i la('m la` cho ra 300 - 400 Sinh vie^n Tin ho.c / na(m la` he^'t mu+'c, co^ng vo+'i so^' co' sa(~n chu+`ng cho la` 2000 ddi ( con so^' la.c quan ? ) thi` dde^'n na(m 2000 VN co' chu+`ng gio?i la('m 4000 professional prgrammers. Nhu+ng khoan dda?, trong so^' 300 - 400 bachelors ve^` Computer ddi la`m , ty? le^. la` programmer tha^.t su+. ra^'t nho? , co`n la.i chi? la` USER tho^i, chi? ca^`n bie^'t xa`i Windows ro^`i va`i ca'i Word processing, Speadsheet la` xong, Nhu+~ng thu+' C, Pascal ... thi` kho^ng dde^'n, nhu+~ng ngu+o+`i na`y co' the^? ke?^ la` programmer kho^ng.

Ro~ ra`ng CTCNTT na(m 2000 pha?i ddu+o+.c thu'c dda^?y ddu+o+.c u?ng ho^. ngay ba^y gio+` thi` co`n hy sau na`y VN co' ddo^.i ngu~ ngon la`nh.

Mo^.t ta^m cu?A CTCNTT 2000 la` no^'i ca'c Computer trong nu+o+'c va` tho^ng ra nu+o+'c ngoa`i. Ba'o chi' trong nu+o+'c dda(ng nhie^`u articles ve^` Sie^u xa lo^. tho^ng tin, ve^` Internet ta.i VN . To^i ddo.c tre^n SCV cu+' tha^'y hoa`i ca'c tha('c ma('c ve^` ddi.a chi? email o+? Vn, Saigon, chu+'ng to? ba` con ngoa`i nu+o+'c no'ng bie^'t ve^` INTERNET ta.i VN. Pha?i no'i ngay nhu+~ng anh em trong nu+o+'c cu~ng va^.y . Nhu+ng hie^.n nay thi` the^' na`o ? VN chi? co' ca'c co' ti'nh cha^'t cu.c bo^. trong mo^.t li~nh vu+.c ra^'t he.p nhu+ VARNet va` mo^.t va`i Nets kha'c ma` to^i dda~ que^n te^n . Nhu+ng nets na`y chi? phu.c vu. cho mo^.t so^' ra^'t i't nhu+~ng ngu+o+`i co' tra'ch, co' nghi~a la` kho^ng pha?i ai cu~ng co' email address , no'i cho ddo+n gia?n la` va^.y . Ho+n nu+~a, vie^.c tho^ng ddu+o+`ng ra oversea thi` cu~ng kho^ng de^~ da`ng . To^i kho^ng chuye^n mo^n ve^` INTERNETWORKING dde^? da'm no'i the^m, se~ co^' ga('ng ti`m ca'c ba`i ba'o cung ca^'p tho^ng tin tu+` ba'o chi' trong nu+o+'c.

Khi to^i ho?I TS. DDo^`ng Thi. Bi'Ch Thu?y ve^` Nets ta.i DDa.i Ho.c To^?ng Ho+.p , co^ chI? cu+o+`i va` ... la('c dda^`u. Da^`u va^.y cu~ng pha?i no'i bo^. mo^n Tin Ho.c DHTH dda~ co^' ga('ng nhie^`u la('m.

IV. Ngu+o+`i Vie^.t Ngoa`i Nu+o+'c La`m DDu+o+.c Gi` :

Thu' tha^.t khi mo^.t ngu+o+`i ba.n o+? USA mail to+'i ho?i to^i cho bie^'t xem ca'c Oversea VNmese co' the^? la`m ddu+o+.c gi` o+? VN, chi? la` dde^? la`m a(n hay giu'p ddo+~. Thu' tha^.t to^i cu~ng ... kho^ng bie^'t no'i sao :-))) . Chi? co^' ga('ng cung ca^'p tho^ng tin cho ngu+o+`i co' mo^.t nha^.n ddi.nh ngo~ ha^`u ti'nh xem ... co' the^? la`m a(n gi` ddu+o+.c :-))

Co' nhu+~ng ye^'u to^' ca^`n ti'nh :

- So vo+'i nhu+~ng ngu+o+`i tu+` Singapore, HK, Taiwan, thi` da^n Saigon mi`nh thi'ch la`m a(n vo+'i ngu+o+`i Vie^.t nu+o+'c ngoa`i ho+n ddo^`ng ngo^n ngu+~

- DDa so^' businessmen tu+` ca'c nu+o+'c ddo' ( y' no'i ca'c nu+o+'c DNA' ) dde^'n VN chi? dde^? ti`m ca'ch ba'n cho ddu+o+.c PC, ho. chu+a muo^'n dda^`u tu+ cho Co^ng Nghe^. Tho^ng Tin. Mo^.t pha^`n vi` ddo' chi? la` nhu+~ng co^ng ty nho?, mo^.t pha^`n vi` muo^'n kie^'m lo+`i tru+o+'c ma('t.

- Co' nhu+~ng co^ng ty phu+o+ng Ta^y muo^'n tha(m do` la`m a(n o+? VN ve^` CNTT, ba.n co' the^? la`m vie^.c trong nhu+~ng project ddo' kho^ng ?

- Ne^'u ba.n muo^'n dda^`u tu+ nho? tru+o+'c ,thi` pha?i chi.u kho' tro+? ve^` VN thu+o+`ng xuye^n, hie^.n nay thu? tu.c Ha?i Quan dda~ ca?i tie^'n ra^'t nhie^`u.

- Gia? ti? nhu+ Ho^.i DDoa`n vi' du. nhu+ VACET muo^'n giu'p ddo+~ ca'c anh em trong nu+o+'c ma` la.i co' va^'n dde^` ve^`... politics xen va`o , thi` cu~ng ne^n ti`m ca'ch thu nha(.t tho^ng tin tu+` VN ca`ng nhie^`u ca`ng to^'t . TO^I HOA`N TOA`N KHO^NG CO' Y' THAM GIA HAY NE^U RA VACETS CONTROVERSIAL O+? DDA^Y , chi? xin ca'c ba.n tru+o+'c khi co' quye^'t ddi.nh gi` thi` ... ve^` VN dde^? MA('T THA^'Y TAI NGHE tru+o+'c dda~. Ba?n tha^n to^i - ngu+o+`i Vie^.t trong nu+o+'c - kho^ng co' y' kie^'n Yes hay No trong chuye^.n na`y.

Va^.y thi` hie^.n nay anh em chuye^n mo^n trong nu+o+'c ca^`n gi` tu+` Ngu+o+`i Vie^.t nu+o+'c ngoa`i tre^n li~nh vu+.c Co^ng Nghe^. Tho^ng Tin :

- Tho^ng tin ve^` ca'c co^ng nghe^. mo+'i ngo~ ha^`u kho?i bi. tu.t qua' xa

- Sa'ch vo+? ta`i lie^.u ve^` Programming vi' du. trong mo^i tru+o+`ng Windows hay Internetworking programming.

- Va` dda^y la` ddie^`u ca^`n nha^'t : Ca'c Project co+~ nho? dde^? anh em tu+` tu+` la`m quen vo+'i Co^ng nghe^. Tho^ng tin o+? nu+o+'c ngoa`i, mo^.t pha^`n dde^? cho ddo^.i ngu~ professional programmers be' nho? kho?i bi. teo da^`n nu+~a, cu~ng la` dde^? cho be^n ngoa`i bie^'t ddo^.i ngu~ VN the^' na`o . Mo^.t co^ng ddu+o+.c 2 , 3 chuye^.n :-)))

Tru+o+'c ma('t la` va^.y . Ne^u the^m nu+~a e ra(`ng la.i bi. ... lo^i le^n VACETS ma^'t ( :-))) Just Kidding )

V. Ke^'t Lua^.n

Thay lo+`i ke^'t, to^i xin ddu+o+.c thu+a la.i la` dda^y la` nhu+~ng y' RA^'T CA' NHA^N, kho^ng dda.i die^.n cho ai he^'t va` chi? bie^'t ne^u tho^ng tin o+? khi'a ca.nh ra^'t ... vi~ mo^, nghi~a la` do ba.n be` no'i cho hay tie^'p xu'c tru+.c tie^'p. Co`n Tin Ho.c ta.i VN qua ca'c so^' lie^.u Tho^'ng Ke^ hay con so^' ta^`m co+? Quo^' c gia, to^i se~ co^' ga('ng post la.i tu+` ca'c ba'o chi trong nu+o+'c.

Ca'm o+n ca'c ba.n dda~ kie^n nha^~n ddo.c .

Le^ Long

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