The Result of Local Election - Term 1997-1998

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Dear VACETS DC Local Chapter Members:
The election period for the VACETS DC Local Chapter leadership ended on May 4, 1997, and the results are summarized below:
Candidate number of Votes:
Mr. Vuong Quoc Anh --- 16 votes
Mr. Huynh Le --- 10 votes
Ms. Le T. Loan --- 9 votes
Total: 19 members cast their votes; 17 voters marked two candidates (the maximum allowed), one voter chose only one potential officer, and one voter cast his or her vote but did not select any candidate.
Also note that we have a total of 26 confirmed DC Chapter members and 23 unconfirmed DC Chapter members. The unconfirmed members are defined as VACETS members who are in the DC Chapter area but not on the list of DC Chapter members; their status as a DC Chapter member is still being sought. Nevertherless, the unconfirmed members were eligible to vote for the DC Chapter leadership election. Among the 23 unconfirmed members, three exercised their rights and cast their votes. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all VACETS DC Chapter members for your enthusiasm and active involvement in the selection of our leaders for the 1997. Your vote will make a difference as we are moving our chapter toward another year full of activity and excitement. I also would like to thank anh Doan Duc Trieu very much for his help to put the election together. Without anh Trieu, I did not have a clue how to organize or proceed the election on the Internet.
April 28 - May 4: Election period
April 30, 1997: Last posting of candidates
May 8, 1997: Announcement of vote count
May 9 - May 15: Appeal period
May 30, 1997: Final election announcement
July 1, 1997: New term
I hope once we announced the slate of officers, we will get together and celebrate.
Best regards,
Tinh Nguyen
Chair, VACETS Coordination Committee
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