Most of us who have gone out to interviews, after getting home just wait for the big fat letter from the FIRM to come with its offer.

In this buyer's market that we are experiencing now, with more job applicants than job openings, you can improve your chance of receiving a fat letter by writing a simple letter thanking your host(s). This letter can some time make a difference between a thin letter (NO thank you) and a fat letter (YES and here are the benefits) since

1. it recalls you to the interviewer and reinforce a positive impression 2. it convinces the interviewer that he/she has made a positive impression with you

3. it provides an opportunity to compensate for any negative elements in your interview.

Next week, I will try to post on vacet-jobs an example of a thank you letter and guidelines for writing one. So, please sign up to vacet- jobs! In the mean time, if any of you have used/received these thank you letters, I would like to hear from you about their results and/or how you felt about them. Send them to me or to [email protected]


Let me introduce you to a new service that is available on vacet- [email protected]. Please see the end of this article for information on how to sign up for it.

As announced by anh Thao earlier this month, we will start offering a resume review service. You can send in your resume (ASCII file only) to be reviewed for content. Our team of reviewers will try to provide you feedback on how to make yourselves more marketable through your resume. We will concentrate on the job information of your resume not on the form of the resume since this is a function of your word processor (information typically lost when the file is stored in ASCII mode) and is highly country dependent.

In order for you to get the full feedback, you should subscribe to vacet-jobs, prior to sending in your resume, since not all comments will be sent back to you by private e-mail but will be posted on the vacet-jobs bulletin board. You will be assigned a primary reviewer who will go into more depth in your resume, but the rest of the team will try to make comments on your resume.

If you are one of our SHY members (this is a different shyness,... from the boss typically), and do not want to disclose your name, please ask a friend who is (geographically) far away to send it in for you and indicate that this an anonymous posting or send to one of the following e-mail addresses

for reposting to the vacet-jobs bb. For anonymous posting, you should edit your resume with the following changes:

name: use names like xKim, yThuy' Kie^`u, where the "x" and "y" are the first letter of your e-mail ID - by the way be creative with your nom-de-vacet-jobs, we don't want to have to deal with 100 "tkimtrong"! address: use a generic address holder: XYZ A St, Anycity, Anystate 99999, USA, name and location of your current company: the name of a competitor.

In this case, all comments will be through vacet-jobs, there will be no private e-mail. I will be the only one to know your e-mail identity and will use it to acknowledge receipt of your resume only.

This semi-public format of review is chosen because it allows subscribers to get more feedback. If you are a very-shy member, hopefully by watching the traffic, you will get enough pointers to write a good-seller resume without having your resume reviewed. For a best-seller resume, submit it to vacet-jobs for review by our team of experts. Of course, we need to have resumes to review, so please don't ALL be shy! You need to give a little bit to get lots back! So, please submit resumes, anonymous resume, but we do need resumes!!

I plan to put out a FAQ on Resume Writing on Monday. So please subscribe now in order not to miss it. It will be repeated weekly and updated as we get more input.

The following people have volunteered their time to review resumes:

Please be patient with the response because we all have to hold a daytime job too!

Currently we can handle EE/CS, semi-conductor processing, technical marketing, technical sales. With regard to languages: English and French.

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