What should you wear to your interview? - Nov 4, 1994

US East Coast (New England) M Hardware Engineer grayish 2 piece suit

US Midwest M Software Engineer dark color suits, conservative updated ties, white or thinly striped shirts, Boston executive style dress shoes, matching print socks Basically stylish, conservative dressing.

US Midwest M suit in conservative shades of blue and gray, suits that are well tailored, do not involve patterns that are unusual, and are kept cleaned and pressed. You can never go wrong with shirts that are white or blue and do not contain patterns. Simplicity. Basics. Muted, solid colors, rep patterns, or subtle stripes are all acceptable. You dress conservatively and neatly, because by doing so you know you minimize the risk of offending anyone's tastes by looking too stylish or offbeat. There's a reason "classic" clothing doesn't fall our of favor. And if you wear it the odds that you won't fall out of favor either.

US West Coast (Silicon Valley) M Engineering/Marketing/Sales casual: clean shirt/knit shirt, casual pants (jeans to casual slacks). Turnoff: 3 pieces suit or torn jeans, T-shirts. In summary: clean and casual. 3 piece suit = stiff or still in rookie years. If you can, bring sample of your work with you for a show and tell session.

US West Coast M Software Engineer double breasted dark suit. Sometimes also sport coat and slack.

US West Coast M Consultant Software Engineer:
"wore jeans and good shirt to the interview and it went fine (I got the job)"
"be casual but be sharp"
"don't wear a suit. Corporate America seems to be getting more casual, and if you know your stuff, it won't matter at all".

Canada M Entry Software Engineer:

Hairstyle: basic, normal looking and not to cause any unusual attention. A little hair spray will help you keep your hair neat.

Now for the ladies. Gents, close your eyes/skip the rest of the issue (hit the "n" key else you go blind!).

Gents: you did not see any of the above because you did not follow my instruction, your eyesight had gotten reaaaally bad. I told you, don't look, don't look!

Ladies: you still have 20/20 vision, go on to the next page!

US Midwest F
See US Midwest M. Avoid wild patterns, flashy dresses, suits, and accessories. Be conservative in fragrance, makeup and hairstyle. Stay away from the low neckline, and the length of your skirts and dresses are best not the extremely long or extremely short look. Finally create a small kit of personal items and include it in your briefcase when going to job interviews.

US West Coast F Hardware Engineer:
white shirt, no see through please!
pant suits are great but be gentle on the color: gray, dark blue cream colors are good
"but I found out there is nothing more than a warm & firm handshake"
"if you are a female, please let it be known and more responses will come your way".

Canada East Coast F Hardware Engineer:
dark skirt, bright blouse (white desirable). Sometimes a blazer of the same color as the skirt would make the candidate look more complete but this not necessarily required.

General: extra-high heel shoes should be avoided.

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