THAO MONG LE received the B.S. degrees in Electrical Engineering (EE)., and Mathematics, both from the University of Maryland, and the M.S.E.E. degree from George Washington University. Currently, he is completing a Ph.D. degree with research interests in communication, control and statistics at the University of Maryland. Mr. Le held various technical and management positions in both the federal government and private sectors. He is the founder of and President of Computing Engineering, Inc., a software development and telecommunications firm located in the Washington DC metropolitan area (https://www,

Mr. Le has many years of experience in design and development of large telecommunications and computer systems. He is the author of number of technical papers in the areas of communications. Mr. Le is the founding chair of VACETS. He serves as a VACETS Board member since 1994: Vice-Chairman of VACETS in charge of Administrative Affairs Committee (94-95), President-elect (95-96), President (96-97), and Past President (97-98).

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