Ngo-Dinh Thinh received the B.S. degree in Aerodynamic Engineering from the University of Minnesota; M.S. and Ph.D. in Fluid Dynamics from Concordia University. Since 1981 Dr. Thinh is with the faculty of the School of Engineering and Computer Science at the California State University, Sacramento (CSUS) as a Professor of Mechanical Engineering. He also serves as the Chairman of Mechanical Engineering Department. Prior to joining CSUS, Dr. Thinh worked for Aerojet Liquid Rocket Company in Sacramento, CA, as an Engineering Specialist working on jet propulsion and rocket engines. Prior to joining Aerojet Liquid Rocket Company, he worked for Pratt & Whitney Aircraft Groups stationed in Montreal, Canada, for 11 years as Aerodynamic Engineer, where he did research and development on the gas turbine and jet propulsion engines. He also worked for the Mid America Engineers, Inc. in Chicago, IL. as a consultant engineer. Dr. Thinh was an advisor toVACETS in 1995.

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