TIN VAN TRUNG LE obtained the B.Eng degree in Computer Science and Mathematics (Statistics) from University of Utah. He has worked in a wide variety of companies in the computer industry; from data and telecommunication products, network software and hardware, to software engineering (from all aspects technical and customer supports, to architecture, designs, coding and maintainance). Mr. Le has over 15 years of work experience in fields such as computer graphics (2D, 3D), networking, system level programming, etc. He is a founder (or co-founder) of several startups, Net Images (https://www.netimages.com) is his latest venture. He is currently serving as the President of Engineering for Net Images. Mr. Le started the very first Vietnamese BBS and Internet node in the world, Station Zebra, which later became Saigon.Com. He also created and administrated the first VietNet Internet archive while working at Sony Inc. (sonygate.sony.com). He sincerely believes in bringing the full power of the Internet to use for a better interconnection of the Vietnamese communities. Toward this goal, he is involved in numerous projects (personally and jointly with other like minded individuals and groups -- VACETS, VAEF, VPS, VN-CDROM, etc.) to do what he can for his birthplace. He serves as a Board member of VACETS since 1995.

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