Doan Duc Trieu is a senior engineer working on telecommunication test systems at TTC, a Dynatec company in Germantown, MD. He received the BS degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. In 1985, he joined and became a key player in the GE Defense Division's Trident-2 firing and guidance system design before joining the Allied-Signal Aerospace's MARK XV IFF program. Mr. Trieu was also a graduate of University of Hue and was a school teacher in Vietnam before 1975. Mr, Trieu is the Vice-Chair of VACETS Local Chapter at Washington, DC. He leads the VACETS columns published monthly on Viet-DC and Hoa Thinh Don Viet Bao magazines at Washington DC. He is a literature and technical writer. He collaborated with Nguyen Giang and Mai Thao on the now-defunct DAT MOI magazine. He also contributed articles to Van Nghe Tien Phong on an irregular basis. In 1980, he translated into English the Songs of The Sea, poems by Ho Dac Ngoc, published by Hong Kong Christian Service. The Tan Van publisher, Tokyo, Japan, is in the process to publish his technical book "Can Ban Thiet Ke Luan Ly va Dien Toan".

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