Letter From the VACETS President

The Vietnamese Association for Computing, Engineering Technology, and Science (VACETS), with more than 900 members in over 20 countries, was established in 1994 as a non-profit, non-political, professional and technical organization. The mission of VACETS is to provide a forum for engineers and scientists to exchange technical information to expand the body of knowledge in new technology developments; to provide members training through technical magazines, journals, and conference opportunities; and to foster professional friendship and networking among members. VACETS members elect their executive board through the cyberspace, and they stay in touch via seven Internet forums that solicit technical interchanges on the issues of science and technology, share social issues, list job openings, describe educational opportunities, and collaborate on technical projects of significant interests.

This year, VACETS celebrates its 2nd annual conference, 1997 VACETS Technical International Conference (VTIC '97). The main focus of VTIC '97 is to discuss many critical issues related to the developments of the key technologies for the year 2000. VTIC '97 provides a fertile ground for professional partnership and friendship developed among participants. I hope that through this VTIC 97 Proceeding, you will appreciate the degrees of diversification of our VACETS membership.

On behalf of VACETS, I would like to thank VACETS members and the members of the VTIC '97 committee for their contributions in preparing this conference. The quality of this event is directly attributable to their efforts and dedication.

In conclusion, I believe that with the good group of people in the newly elected Executive Committee (ExecCom) and Administrative Committee (AdCom), VACETS will continue to be a place for us to come in order to share our work experience, and learn from each other through professionalism and excellence.

Thao Mong Le
President of VACETS
[email protected]