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The establishment of this Washington DC Metropolitan Area Local VACETS chapter is the result of joint effort between many Washington DC Metropolitan area VACETS members and VACETS AdCom. The main goal is to better serve the special needs of its members locally. In general, this local VACETS chapter may help facilitate, but not limited to the following activities for all the Washington DC Metropolitan area VACETS members:

Promote friendship among VACETS members in the Washington DC Metropolitan area.

Help Vacets to better serve the needs of local Vacets members.

Work with and help the Vietnamese community in the Washington DC Metropolitan area.

Provide a forum to allow Washington DC Metropolitan area VACETS members to exchange local social/technical/business/job information.

Create a convenient environment for local VACETS members to communicate efficiently for possible technical projects which may benefit VACETS members or Vietnamese communities.

The detailed goals and objectives will be discussed thoroughly and decided by our local members.

As stated in the VACETS by-laws, we would like to avoid any political debate as much as we can. Moreover, because VACETS is a diversified professional association whose members might have different political viewpoints, we should respect other members's viewpoints and private lives. We should refrain ourselves from invoking heated debates in political or personal exchanges which usually cause divisiveness and unpleasant atmostphere.

"Mo^.t ca^y la`m cha(?ng ne^n non,
Ba ca^y chu.m la.i ne^n ho`n nu'i cao ."

On behalf of our interim Washington DC area VACETS chapter committee, we would like to encourage your participation in all discussions and activities. Please stick together for the mutual benefits of everyone.

To join VACETS Washington DC Metropolitan Area local chapter, you can send an e-mail to "[email protected]", no subject line is needed, and type in the text body "subscribe vacets-local-dc".

If you have any question, please do not hesitate to send an e-mail to our local chapter committee: [email protected] or individually to anyone of us:

Chairman: DDoa`n DDu+'c Trie^.u ([email protected])


Nguye^~n Va(n Diem ([email protected])
Vu~ Q. Hu+ng ([email protected])

Bu`i Hie^.p ([email protected])
Pha.m N. La^m ([email protected])
Nguye^~n Tony (tony.nguyen@bell-atl-com)
Le^ Kie^.t ([email protected])

We hope that this local chapter will provide a basic framework for Washington DC Metro area VACETS members to interact conveniently for mutual benefits. Please work with us to make our local chapter a success.

Warmest regards,


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