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Engineering Technology,
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Where to get a copy of:

VTIC '97 Proceedings

VACETS '97 Technical Journal

VACETS '97 Spring Magazine

      VTIC '97 Proceedings and VACETS '97 Technical Journal have been published. These contain contributions of VACETS members and friends in various disciplines of engineering and science. They cover research work in aerospace, applied mathematics, antenna design, computers and communications to biomedical engineering, digital signal processing, robotics, environment and wireless technology. These Proceedings and Technical Journal issues can be found at many universities/colleges' libraries in the United States, France, and Australia.

      In addition, VACETS members participated in various social activities. VACETS '97 Spring Magazine has been published. This special issue has over 200 pages that feature fine poems and short stories contributed by VACETS members and friends.

      To get a copy of VTIC '97 Proceedings, VACETS '97 Technical Journal and/or VACETS '97 Spring Magazine,

    please contact:

    [email protected]

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