The Third Viet-Tech International Conference
San Jose State University, California, USA
August 4 - 5, 2000

Organized by VACETS in Collaboration with VESA
The Vietnamese Engineering Student Association at San Jose State University


Conference Opening Remark from VTIC2000 Conference Chair

At the Conference Opening Ceremony on August 4, 2000

Engineering Auditorium, San Jose State University

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Good Morning Ladies and Gentlemen,

Welcome to VTIC2000, the Third VACETS Technical International Conference that is again happened at San Jose State University. I am very happy to see many of my colleagues, friends, guests, and specially, the San Jose State University students to be here today for the conference. This shows the success of the conference itself, the sign of networking, sharing, and helping to each other, and these are the main goals of this conference.

On behalf of the Organizing Committee, I would like to thank all of you for your participations and I hope that you will enjoy the technical meetings, the conference location, and also the tonight dinner banquet.

This conference is organized by VACETS with the collaboration of the Vietnamese Engineering Student Association at San Jose State University. The conference is mainly co-sponsored by San Jose State University, Fujitsu America, Cisco Systems,, Compaq, MicroLambda, and

Let I report to you what do we have here: We have twenty-one technical papers accepted to be presented and published in our conference proceedings, two tutorials about e-commerce and telecommunication, four panel discussions, three workshops, two guest speeches, and two keynote speeches. All the presentations reflect the theme of the conference, that is, "Technology and Industry: Beginning Of A New Era".

We have more than 140 registered attendants, most of the attendants are from California but we still have many from other states and countries such as New York, Virginia, Kansas, Hawaii, Washington D.C., Minnesota, Holland, etc. In these 140 attendees, about 60 are students, both graduate and undergraduate, and most of them are San Jose State University engineering students

VTIC2000 is part of VACETS' on going effort to create opportunities for technical professionals and students to exchange knowledge, ideas, information, to share achievements and contribution, and the most important is to network to each other. In general, the conference intention is to foster professional friendship and business partnership among conference participants, which is an important factor for the success in today global business and technology competitiveness. With the conference theme of "Technology and Industry: Beginning Of A New Era," this year conference mainly concentrates on the discussions of technologies that are believed to be global commercialized technologies for the new millennium.

I want to leave the details of the conference program to our Technical Program Chair to report to you. I also want to leave the details regarding VACETS organization to VACETS president to report to you. I would like to use my remaining time here to show my appreciation to people that I strongly believe that I owe them too much. I would like to express my appreciation to all members of organizing committee, who have spent countless hours putting together this outstanding program of events with minimum resource. My very special gratitude is to Prof. Hung M. Nguyen and Dr. Thinh T. Nguyen for their continuing support to my leadership in developing VTIC2000, and to Profs. Xuong H. Nguyen, Vinh X. Nguyen, and Thinh D. Ngo for their initial support to start the project. Very important is the supports of Dean Don Kirk and Vietnamese Engineering Students at San Jose State University. I am sorry that Dean Don Kirk is not able to be here with us today but his support is one of the main reasons for me to start this project. Moreover, I am sure that I would not be able to start the project without the support and helps from the students. These students have given me lots of motivation to go on until today. As you can see, they do excellent job in registration and help the conference organizers in any sense, any way that they can. Many many thanks to all of you and special thanks to Mr. Thang Nguyen and Mr. Hai Nguyen, the President and Vice President of the Vietnamese Engineering Student Association at San Jose State University for their excellent leadership in helping VTIC2000.

Also, many thanks to Prof. Trung V. Nguyen for his exceptional job in arranging a very strong program and to Mr. James Lap, our VACETS president for his excellent work in publication as well as his effort in coordinating VACETS members. Very special thank to Mr. Christopher H. Pham and Mr. Thanh Pham for their extremely continuing supports, helps, and for organizing excellent career workshops and exhibition program and also many thanks to Mr. Mang Dinh and Tin Le for their effort in coordinating VACETS local members and taking care of conference administration. Thanks to Prof. Tri Caohuu for his advice and support through out the process, and very special thanks to Mr. Bob Trammell at San Jose State University for his help in reserving the conference facility for us. I also would like to send my deep appreciation to all of our sponsors, speakers, guests, and exhibitors, especially to people who have to flight long distance to join the conference. To Mr. Xuan Bui and Dr. Chi Pham, our invited keynote speakers, and to Dr. Kuei-wu Tsai, San Jose State University Associate Dean of College of Engineering for being here and giving us a welcoming remark. Finally, I hope that this year’s program will benefit to all of you and let's enjoy the conference.

Thank you very much.

Thuy T. Le