The Third Viet-Tech International Conference
San Jose State University, California, USA
August 4 - 5, 2000
E-mail: [email protected]

Organized by VACETS in Collaboration with VESA
The Vietnamese Engineering Student Association at San Jose State University

Message From the General Chair

It is my pleasure to welcome you to the Third Vietnamese Technical International Conference, VTIC2000. On behalf of the Organizing Committee, I would like to thank all of you for your participations and I hope that you will enjoy the technical meetings as well as the conference location. The conference is organized by VACETS and co-sponsored by San Jose State University, Fujitsu America, Cisco Systems, Netsperanto (, Compaq, MicroLambda,, and many others.

VTIC2000 is part of VACETS' on going effort to create opportunities for Vietnamese technical professionals and students to exchange knowledge, ideas, information, to share achievements and contribution, and to network to each other. In general, the conference intention is to foster professional friendship and business partnership among conference participants, which is an important factor for the success in today global business and technology competitiveness. With the conference theme of "Technology and Industry: Beginning Of A New Era," this year conference mainly concentrates on the discussions of technologies that are believed to be global commercialized technologies for the new millennium.

Since today Vietnamese living around the world have studied, worked, contributed, participated in many technical areas, the conference therefore covers a wide range of technical areas to represent the technical diversity of the conference participants. Beside many excellent technical papers in engineering, science, technology, telecommunication, networking, and computing, there are also two tutorials in telecommunication and electronic commerce together with three panel discussion sessions in networking, internet, and telecommunication, all of those reflect the trend of new millennium global technology. The conference also includes a special presentation about E-commerce in East Asia for participants who want to look for global opportunities and challenges in this geographic area, and two career and a higher education workshops to assist students and new graduates in their career job search as well as to prepare them for professional achievement and advancement on the future global technologies and businesses.

Organizing various aspects of the conference would not have been possible without support and effort of many persons. I would like to take this opportunity to express my appreciation to all of the organizers listed on the following page, who have spent countless hours putting together this outstanding program of events with minimum resource. My special gratitude is to Prof. Hung M. Nguyen and Dr. Thinh T. Nguyen for their continuing support to my leadership in developing VTIC2000, and to Profs. Xuong H. Nguyen, Vinh X. Nguyen, and Thinh D. Ngo for their initial support to start the project. Many thanks to Prof. Trung V. Nguyen for his exceptional job in arranging a very strong program and to Mr. James Lap, our VACETS president for his excellent work in publication as well as his effort in coordinating VACETS members. Special thank to Mr. Christopher H. Pham and Mr. Thanh Pham for their extremely continuing supports, helps, and for organizing excellent career workshops and exhibition program. Many thanks to Mr. Mang Dinh for his effort in coordinating VACETS local members and to Prof. Tri Caohuu for his advice and support through out the process.

I also want to thank Vietnamese Engineering Students at San Jose State University for their supports and helps. Special thank to Mr. Bob Trammell at San Jose State University for his help in reserving the conference facility and to Dr. Donald E. Kirk, Dean of College of Engineering at San Jose State University for his initial and generous support. Finally, I would like to send my appreciation to our sponsors, speakers, guests, and hope that this year’s program will benefit to all conference attendees.

Thuy T. Le

Thuy T. Le, Ph.D.
Fujitsu America, High Performance Computing Division
San Jose State University,
Department of Electrical Engineering
[email protected]
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