The Third Viet-Tech International Conference
San Jose State University, California, USA
August 4 - 5, 2000
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Organized by VACETS in Collaboration with VESA
The Vietnamese Engineering Student Association at San Jose State University


Letter From the VACETS President

On behalf of the Vietnamese Association for Computing, Engineering Technology and Science (VACETS), I have the great pleasure of introducing to you the proceedings of the Third VACETS Technical International Conference (VTIC2000). What a coincidence! The third conference coincides with the dawn of the Third Millennium, and this year’s theme is "Technology and Industry: Beginning of a New Era." We will focus on the scientific achievements that form the basis for continued technological development into the 21st Century.

We are proud to acknowledge that Vietnamese engineers and scientists, including VACETS members, have contributed significantly to technological development worldwide. Some of these contributions are reflected in the conference, and the diversity of VACETS members' endeavors can be seen in the papers that are presented here. They cover hi-tech topics such as engineering, science, technology, communications, networking and computation through presentations, tutorials, panel discussions and workshops.

As a professional and technical organization, VACETS remains faithful to its mission to provide a forum for engineers and scientists to exchange ideas and knowledge and foster professional relationships through technical journals and conferences. Five years old this year, VACETS is today a true international technical community with members from all over the world, one that maximizes the use of the Internet as a means of global communication. Members remain connected with one another -- even conduct association elections -- via seven e-forums that make possible technical exchanges on computer and technology issues, social issues, literature, education, job opportunities, and other collaborative endeavors.

On behalf of VACETS, I want to thank the VTIC2000 organizing committee, headed by Dr. Thuy T. Le, for its excellent work in planning and coordinating this conference. Thanks are also due our sponsors -- namely Cisco Systems, Compaq, Fujitsu America,, MicroLambda, and – and special thanks to San Jose State University for providing a venue for this conference. Last, but certainly not least, I would also like to thank all VACETS members and friends who have contributed papers to these proceedings. With your continued support, I am confident that VACETS will remain a vibrant organization that effectively serves the professional and other interests of the global technical community.

I wish you all a successful VTIC2000.

James T. Lap
President of VACETS

[email protected]

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