The Third Viet-Tech International Conference
San Jose State University, California, USA
August 4 - 5, 2000
E-mail: [email protected]

Organized by VACETS in Collaboration with VESA
The Vietnamese Engineering Student Association at San Jose State University



CHFET Model Parameter Extraction Program ... I - 1

Philip C. Nguyen and Tho T. Vu

Enhancement of Active Surface of Membrane and Electrode Assemblies for PEM Fuel Cells by Plasma Etching .. I - 18

Trung Van Nguyen

Future Challenges in Microprocessor Design . I - 25

Nhon Quach

In Search for the Perfect X-ray Area Detector for Protein Crystallography ... I - 35

Xuong H. Xuong

Slow Hole-Trapping in Silicon-on-Sapphire N-Channel Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor Field-Effect Transistor

N.T. Do, T.Q. Vu, G.P. Li and C.S. Tsai .. I - 60

The World's Highest Power Density Solid Oxide Fuel Cells . I - 65

Ai Quoc Pham

The Decoding of Human Genome and Its Applications I - 70

Phu H. Le

Thermal Ignitions of High Explosives I - 70

Tri Tran

Transient Latch-Up Using An Improved Bi-Polar Trigger .. I - 71

Sayyid M. Ali, Thuy T. Le and Scott Johnson


A Proposed Linear Associative Memory-based Hardware Architecture for Fault Tolerant ASIC Work-around

Christopher H. Pham . II - 1

Competing Methodologies And Future Trend in High-speed Residential Internet Access . II - 9

Hung Nguyen

Information Technology Investment Management: A Structural Approach II - 18

Hai V. Tran

Life Design for a Self-Evolving Web . II - 25

Thuy-Linh Nguyen

Marginal Fault Insertion to Reduce Latent Defects II - 42

Tien Tran

Measuring and Modeling Image Similarity II - 47

Nicholas Tran

Recent Development in Electronic-Commerce Taxation II - 54

Hoang D. Nguyen

The Development of Benchmark Suite For Measuring Performance of Memory-cache Systems II - 63

Thuy T. Le, AnhTho N. Vu and Tam M. Nguyen

Voice over POTS: A Case Study of Hardware/Software Co-design for System on Chip (SoC) ---------- II - 75

Tri Caohuu and Syed Asim Jafri

Web-to-Database Integration .... II - 86

Tu Do and Huy Ngo

Why XML .. II - 88

Mang Dinh

Wireless Internet: Opportunities and Challenges .. II - 91

Hai Tran


E-Commerce: Opportunities And Challenges in East Asia . III - 1

Tung Bui and Siva Sankaran

Effective Networking Among Professionals and Students .. III - 16

Vy H. Tran

Student Group Discussion III - 17

Facilitated by Thinh D. Ngo, Xuong H. Nguyen and Vinh X. Nguyen

Technology in 21st Century - Telecommunication, Aerospace, Computer and Information . III - 18

Tien M. Nguyen, Boi N. Tran and Hoang Huy Hoang

The Vietnamese Community and 21st Century Technology .. III - 19

Nguyen Qui Duc, Quynh Trang Nguyen and Thinh Nguyen


Impact of Hi-Tech on Higher Education . IV - 1

James T. Lap

Venture Capitalists (VCs) . IV - 5

Louis Nguyen

VTIC200 Technical Career Survey Results . IV - 6

Christopher H. Pham

What Expected From Hiring Managers, Part I and II . IV - 9

Steve Yurash (Intel) and HR Representatives (Cisco)


Electronic Commerce -- the new paradigm of Information Society V - 1

Boi Tran

Digital Communication - PCS .. V - 12

Tien M. Nguyen


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